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Brief profile

Bismi-llaahi-Rrahmaani-Rrahiem wa-l-hamdu-li-llaahi Rabbi-l-3aalamien, wa-ssalaatu wa-ssalaamu 3alaa Muhammadin ashrafi-l-mursalien, wa-3alaa aalihi wa-sahbihie adjma3ien.

AlFitrah is a broad Islamic and social foundation that has been established with the will and help of Allaah subhaanahu wa-ta3aalaa, to achieve His contentment, by serving the da3wah and the Muslim community in the Netherlands. Besides this, alFitrah also engages in performing Islamic scientific research.

AlFitrah is a unique foundation that distinguishes itself from other organizations, due to its broad expertise and activities, and the authorization and support it enjoys from different Islamic scholars.

An important and fundamental basic principle within alFitrah, concerns the use of the so-called duo-coordination; this means that all the activities of alFitrah simultaneously are being managed and executed by a person with Islamic knowledge and an expert in the concerning field. In this way alFitrah optimally and efficiently guards the quality and progress of its projects.

AlFitrah attempts to use and further develop the qualities and expertise that are within the Muslim community, in order to achieve the goals of alFitrah.

Currently the foundation has established the following projects:

  • Institute for pedagogy and education; this Institute has been established in order to convey reliable Islamic knowledge in an authorized manner and to organize different pedagogic courses;
  • Knowledge-cards project; this concerns the development of Islamic cards which can be handed to Muslims in order to advise or warn them regarding an Islamic subject;
  • Da3wah-training; alFitrah organizes trainings through which the students of Islamic knowledge are being enabled to perform da3wah at Muslims and non-Muslims.
  • Translations: alFitrah engages in the translation and explanation of different Islamic books of prominent scholars for a considerable time.
  • Islamic assistance: Due to the various social and psychological (and other) problems that many Muslims are contending with, alFitrah strives to assist them herein by:
    - Islamically reorganizing and training organizations that engage in assistance, in order to enable them to provide Islamic assistance;
    - Establishing Islamic assistance; this is a foundation that Islamically assists sisters in all the problems in life they contend with.
  • Conferences: alFitrah annually organizes conferences in different cities, consisting of intensive lessons and pedagogy.
  • New Muslim: alFitrah is currently establishing a project aimed at non-Muslims in general, non Muslims that are seeking to convert to Islaam and new Muslims. This project consists of a website, Islamic knowledge cards for nun-Muslims and information points, like mosques, institutes, foundations, etc.

In general everyone who is interested in its activities is welcome at the foundation. The foundation wants to concentrate itself specifically on non-Muslims by setting a bridge between them and the Islaam and Muslims.  Due to the changing relations within society and the tensions that sometimes come along with this, alFitrah believes that it is of great interest that non-Muslims receive the proper information about the Islaam. The foundation would like to realize this goal by:

  • organizing general introduction days about the Islaam;
  • organizing courses for parents of children who converted to the Islaam;
  • organizing courses for people who are willing to return to the Islaam;
  • and organizing lectures at different establishments.

Wa-l-hamdu-li-llaahi Rabbi-l-3aalamien.