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Who are we?

The board of Stichting alFitrah (alFitrah Foundation) is a diverse and dynamic team which believes more in putting words into action than speaking only, and wants to manage this foundation because of Allaah subhaanahu wa ta3aala in a correct manner according to the Islamic sources which are the Qur’aan, the Sunnah of the Prophet salla-llaahu 3aleihi wasallam and the Sunnah of his companions radiya-llaahoe 3anhoem.

The members of the board are seekers of knowledge who are active in the da3wah, and specialists in several fields who dedicate their qualities for the da3wah because of Allaah subhaanahu wa ta3aala. The team strives together to achieve the contentment of Allaah by serving the Islaam, the Muslims and the da3wah through this foundation as well as they can.

The noble and respected scholar Shaykh Ahmad Salam is the leader of the board.

The members of the board and their functions are:
Chairman: Suhayb Salam
Secretary: Samira Dahri
Treasurer: Abdelhakim Elouakili 
Member of the board: Badr Ahmad




Visiting adress:
Otto Hahnweg 14
3542 AX Utrecht 
Phone: 00316 844 99 166

Stichting alFitrah
Tilburg, Holland
IBAN: NL95INGB0005794836