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Supervisory and advisory council

Since alFitrah is an Islamic foundation, the foundation strives to act completely in an Islamic way, within and around the foundation. Consequently, the foundation has a supervisory and advisory council (further: the council). This council consists of the following shuyoekh: shaykh Ahmad Salam, shaykh Mahmoed Shershaaby and shaykh Fawwaaz Djunayd.

The council has the responsibility to:

  • supervise the realization of the objectives of the foundation: the council keeps a close eye on the functioning of the foundation and makes sure that all activities and work of the foundation are within the boundaries of the Islaam and in line with the objectives of the foundation;
  • supervise the policy and management of the board: the council supervises the way the foundation makes and realizes its policy and will steer the foundation in this, if necessary;
  • advise the board wherever it is needed: the council has an active role and is well acquainted with the course of actions within the foundation and advises the foundation whenever it is necessary. Before the foundation starts to develop a project, course, training program or any other activity, she will always obtain advice from the council;
  • make an annual report about the functioning of the foundation; the council will publish a report every year, about how the foundation has functioned. In this report all activities will be evaluated and if necessary advices will be added. The foundation seeks strives for openness with her annual report with regard to the activities and statistics of the foundation and the information that one needs.




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