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The foundation carries a large social responsibility. Since the target group of alFitrah is very broad and concerns many various fields (depending on the problems and needs which occur in the Muslim community) the objectives should be specified according to these facts in order to obtain the objectives in an effective, efficient and co-ordinated manner.

General objectives
The foundation has been established to:

  • call on to the pure Islaam;
  • pass on the correct credo and the methodology of the Prophet salla-llaahu 3aleihi wasallam;
  • transfer Islamic knowledge in a pedagogic manner to particularly the youth;
  • support and guide the youth in the various stages of life by offering various Islamic courses and training programs which are needed by this group;
  • offering practical support to the youth when- and wherever they need it;
  • support parents and guide them in the upbringing of their children;
  • organizing various educational courses and training programs for adults;
  • set a bridge between the non-Muslims and Muslims by organizing, for example, an introduction course on the Islaam.

In the following paragraphs the specific objectives of each target group will be discussed in more detail.