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The foundation is an independent non-profit foundation that finances its activities and projects with the following sources:

  • the proceeds of her activities;
  • donations and gifts.

Proceeds of activities

The foundation expects to finance the majority of its activities with the proceeds of its activities. In principle, a symbolic contribution will be asked from all students who participate in the courses, training programs and all the other organized activities for private persons, and this will be the funding of the foundation. Courses and training programs for institutions will be charged the cost price. With the proceeds of the training programs, courses and activities, the foundation would like to achieve the following:

  • financing further activities and projects of the foundation;
  • bear the costs of the employees of the foundation.

Donations and gifts
Besides the own proceeds, the foundation expects to receive proceeds from donations and gifts. The foundation will actively search for people or institutions that can offer a financial contribution to the foundation. Furthermore, the foundation will search for sponsors who can support it financially. The sum of the donations and gifts will be used for paying the rent and the overhead costs of the property.



Visiting adress:
Otto Hahnweg 14
3542 AX Utrecht 
Phone: 00316 844 99 166

Stichting alFitrah
Tilburg, Holland
IBAN: NL95INGB0005794836