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Upbringing is a very important and influential factor in the life of the human being, that is defining for the formation and development of each individual. In view of the great significance of pedagogy, the foundation sees mainly in this field, the important possibilities that could lead to a significant contribution to our target groups in particular and to the society in general.

In the field of pedagogy, the foundation will engage itself in offering courses and training programs to adolescents and parents. On the one hand pedagogy will be emphasized in general in all target groups and on the other hand the emphasis will be on supporting the parents specifically in the upbringing of their children.

Children and adolescents
Since the upbringing is determinant in major and important aspects for the behaviour and development of the children and adolescents and since the most problems occur among the adolescents, the foundation wants to contribute to a good upbringing in this phase by playing an important and guiding role.

The foundation would like to realize the goals concerning the children and adolescents by:

  • organizing various pedagogical and theological courses for on the one side the adolescents and children with behavioural problems and on the other side adolescents and children without these problems. They will be supported and guided under professional supervision to improve their behaviour, to be re-educated, to learn how to deal with others and to learn how to find their way in society;
  • addressing adolescents and children on the streets about their behaviour and referring them to the courses and activities of the foundation;
  • mediating between adolescents and their parents to prevent conflicts or by solving them;
  • getting and keeping the youth off the streets by organizing several activities including recreational and sports activities;
  • organizing courses that will enable them to live in the Dutch society according to the Islamic standards and values. With these courses they will learn how to maintain their own identity and simultaneously how to integrate and participate in the Dutch society.

In view of the fight against and the prevention of lawlessness, the foundation would like to work actively on preventing adolescents from falling into a criminal circuit. The adolescents which are already on this path will be supported to step out of it.

Eventually courses will be organized depending on the developments and need among the children and adolescents.

Besides offering specific courses and training programs to the adolescents, the foundation would like to devote itself to parents by offering them fitted assistance in raising their children. By operating on this field, one can contribute from the home base to the improvement of the upbringing of these children. And the improvement of the upbringing of children will lead to the prevention of problems.
Besides, specifically the upbringing of children, attention will be paid to other problems that parents encounter with their children.

The foundation would like to concentrate on the parents by organizing various courses and or training programs that will enable the parent to raise his child in a right manner in his several stages of life. Courses will also be offered to parents who are already coping with problems in raising their children, for example in the case of so-called ‘problem children’. Furthermore appropriate assistance will be offered to parents with children who have been in trouble with the law.