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Education is an important mean by which the foundation would like to reach its target groups. In the field of education the foundation would like to concentrate on organizing and offering various courses and training programs for various target groups on theological and other fields. The accent will be especially set on theological courses and training programs since the foundation works from an Islamic basis.

Children and adolescents
For children and adolescents the foundation would like to organize theological and pedagogic lessons and courses, like learning the Arabic language, learning the way of performing the wudoe’ and the salaah, the memorisation of al-Qur’aan etc. Furthermore the possibility exists that these target groups can get help from the foundation with regard to more general sorts of education, like coaching and homework classes etc.

Adolescents and adults
Adolescents and adults are welcome at the foundation for theological courses and training programs which generally accentuate the pedagogic formation. They can choose to be educated by several Islamic courses and training programs. The adolescents and adults will also be given the opportunity to enrol in short(er) specific courses like computer courses etc. Pending on the need and demand of these courses and training programs, the foundation will organize certain specific curricula.
In the meanwhile the foundation has started a successful project named the Instituut voor Opvoeding & Educatie (Institute for Pedagogy and Education)  which offers Islamic knowledge in a trustworthy manner to adolescents from the age of sixteen, of which the accent obviously lies on pedagogy and education.