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Scientific research

The foundation will also engage itself in conducting scientific Islamic research. Through conducting scientific research alFitrah would like to contribute and offer support to the scholars for example by conducting research on matters that they have to pass a judgement on. The foundation can also conduct research individually on Islamic subjects or in request of other authorities or establishments. These researches will be conducted only if they serve the objectives of the foundation or if they are of supportive nature for the foundation.

To serve the scientific research specifically and the foundation in general, the foundation will mobilize the qualities of Muslim brothers and –sisters and of non-Muslims for the benefit of the Islaam, the Muslims, the da3wah and society. This will be done by recruiting people who are finishing or have already finished their studies in a certain domain, who will be mobilized in the da3wah to support the Islaam and the Muslims in the Netherlands, with the will of Allaah subhaanahu wa ta3aala.

At this moment the foundation already has several willing brothers and sisters at its disposal, for example ict-people, economists, jurists, architects, technicians, public administrators and graphic designers. The projects which will be conducted by them will have a so-called duo coordination. On the one hand the project will be supported and conducted by a ‘hands-on’-expert who has the qualitative knowledge in the relevant sector and on the other hand the project will be simultaneously supported and conducted by someone who has Islamic knowledge. This person will Islamically coordinate the project together with the expert with regard to the priorities, the considerations that have to be made, the issues that have to be answered etc.
It will not only be a matter of scientific research, but practical projects will also be set up and executed.